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Welcome to IUOE Local 381's web site

Local 381 consists of the hourly maintenance, operations and lab employees employed by the Lion Oil Refinery located in El Dorado AR.

Steps to filing a grievance. Read the following instructions carefully.

FIRST STEP!!! Oral Complaint to Supervisor Form - This needs to be done quickly - Article 11 Section 2 (a) in the contract says "within eight (8) calendar days of the occurrence giving rise to the grievance make a complaint orally to the immediate supervisor of the work group in which the grievance occurred." After completion of this form please make a copy and deliver it to a Union Representative.

Grievance Form - After investigations and meetings have taken place and the Workman’s Committee finds that the grievance has merit and all other previous steps in the Grievance and Arbitration section have been exhausted. The NEXT STEP is to move on to the actual written grievance. Please contact a Union Officer or Workman’s Committee Member with assistance in completing this form.

To understand all of the steps to the Grievance and Arbitration procedure in the Collective Bargaining Agreement read Article 11. To summarize, we have listed above two very important steps in filing a grievance with a link to each. If you feel that you have a grievance you should start out with an oral complaint to your supervisor. Even though the contract states "oral complaint" we go a step further and provide you with a form that gives us written proof of the oral complaint. You can print a blank form and manually fill it out or fill out the form online by typing in the form from the above link.

If you need assistance with any of these steps please contact a Union Officer. Officer contact information is listed on the main page of this web site.

Contact information:

The union hall is located at 418 W. Main El Dorado AR
Our mailing address is PO Box 10096
El Dorado AR 71730